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Vocal Booth

Envirotech is the best Vocal Booth manufacturer and supplier in Pan India. We Provide the best quality arrangement of the Vocal Booth. We design Vocal booths in different sizes. We can design and Customize the Vocal Booth as per customer requirements. The only purpose of making a Vocal Booths is to create a different environment. The Vocal Booths is a quiet and comfortable meeting space. It co-ensuring your time spent with co-workers or clients is a productive and positive experience. We designed the Vocal Booths for easy installation – three modules that easily fit through all standard doors. The Vocal Booths is incredibly versatile with the ability to suit your needs and your personal style. The Vocal Booths is designed by our expert team and is a soundproof acoustic product.

Vocal Booths are the best choice for offices and other facilities with soundproofing needs. This is because a vocal booths created in a home isolate your voice from the rest of the room, which ensures less reverb and less chance of lopsided sound. I have chosen to work on this project because this is something that I am passionate about. The new Vocal Booths is a compact, lightweight, and affordable solution for vocalists of all levels. Sing your heart out with zero reverb or background noise.

There are many types of materials that can be used in the construction of a vocal booth. It is important to consider what type of sound you would like to achieve and then evaluate your space accordingly. Whether you are designing a vocal booth or isolation room for instruments, the desired outcome is the same. Vocal Booths has both acoustic privacy and the superb sound quality so you can do what you do best, focus on your performance! Vocal Booths will make you.  changes opinions, and can even change the world. With Vocal Booth, you’ll be able to create a private, professional recording space in any space you have – big or small. Stop worrying about noisy distractions and echoes, which can make or break the quality of your recordings. Vocal Booth will help you make Office wherever. Vocal Booths offers affordable sound booths for any space with a design to suit your needs.


Vocal Booth


At a fraction of the cost of traditional construction, our pre-fab solutions create additional space for focused work and collaboration without constant noise, debris, and distraction.

Vocal BoothTime-Saving

Thoughtful design ensures simple installation in a few hours or less. And, because our products are safety ensured, you’ll never have to spend time or money chasing after permits, contractors, and more.

Vocal Booth Flexible

Unlike traditional construction, our purpose-built products were designed to adapt with your workspace and can easily be positioned in various places throughout your office location.

Uses of Vocal Booth: –

Office, Music Recording Studio, Personal Meeting, Security Purpose, Meeting Room, Conference Room, School,Testing, Shop, etc.