Wedge Acoustic PU Foam



Wedge Acoustic PU Foam

Envirotech is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Wedge Acoustic PU Foam. We offer sound absorption PU foam with an NRC of 0.8, which greatly reduces noise in rooms and sound in your life. This acoustic foam is perfect for use in recording studios, classrooms, auditoriums, and home theatres.

Wedge Acoustic PU Foams are specially designed to provide sound damping, reducing high-frequency sounds and reverberation. It can be used in recording studios, live performance venues, and for sound-proofing the home. Wedge Acoustic PU Foams can also be used to reduce noise from ducts and pipes in industrial settings. Envirotech’s Acoustic PU Foam is high quality, which means it’s light, easy to cut, and strong. Noise-reducing acoustic foam for the studio, home, and office environments.

Wedge Acoustic PU Foams is the perfect product for anyone looking to improve the sound insulation in their home or business. With an array of sizes and thicknesses, Wedge acoustic foam can be custom-cut to fit any room or space. These are widely used in hotels, ballrooms, recording rooms, clubs, architectural decorations, industrial workshops, etc.

Envirotech Acoustic PU Foam is available in plain sheets, wedge, and Pyramid Shape-

  • Plain sheet size -1000mm x 2000mm and 25 / 50 mm thick sheets.
  • Wedge – 300 mm x 300mm / 600mmx 600mm and 50 , 100 , 200, 400, 600 ,900mm thickness.
  • Pyramid – 300 mm x 300mm / 600mmx 600mm and 50 , 100 , 200, 400, 600 ,900mm thickness.


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